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Your Notts NHS App - Personal Health and Care Record

The NHS in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire are giving you the tools to help manage your health and well-being from the palm of your hand, wherever you may be. By combining the NHS app with the great features of Patients Know Best to create your Personal Health and Care Record you will be empowered to get the right care and support when you need it.


What is the Notts NHS App - Personal Health and Care Record?

Your Notts NHS App - Personal Health and Care Record is an online record owned by you. It is a simple (and secure) way that allows you to add, manage and organise your health and wellbeing information through the App on your smartphone, tablet device and now also on web browser .

It gives you the ability to make appropriate parts of it available to those who need it such as loved ones, healthcare professionals and other health organisations.

What difference will it make to me?

Using and sharing your Personal Health and Care Record can make a real difference to you and your relative's lives. Jayne tells her story:

"My Mum has early onset dementia and lives over 60 miles away from me.  I often get phone calls from her, panicking and upset because she has had a letter from the GP or hospital and she doesn't understand. She finds it very stressful reading it to me over the phone, so I usually end up having to drive to her to read it though with her face to face.  This is hard to do in a timely fashion during the working week.

If my Mum had access to her Personal Health and Care Record, she would be able to share access with me and I would be able to access her correspondence remotely as well as be able to communicate with her health and care team.  This would reduce anxiety for my Mum, enable me to have a clear understanding of her care pathways and also reduce the need for me to travel." 

You can find more real life accounts of the difference it can make to your life in the patient videos here.



Find out more information and how to start using your Personal Health and Care Record on the NHS App through our dedicated website: