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Citizen / Patient Access

Part of Connected Nottinghamshire’s portfolio is to support the delivery of the best quality of health and care services to local people, whenever and wherever they need them by proving the tools and technologies to enable citizens to take more control of their own health.

Our vision is to transform the way people experience access to health and care services across Nottinghamshire, by providing digital health tools and services that connect them to the information and services they need, when they need them. We want to enable people to access care in a convenient and coordinated way, promoting independence through the digital tools we are all familiar with in other aspects of our daily lives.

We aim to provide information to cover every aspect of living a healthy life – from staying fit and active, to preventing illness and managing health conditions at every stage of life.

We aim to provide full access to information to the citizen about their individual health records and care plans, so that patients and carers have everything they need to know to enable them to better manage their own care. We have already enabled the technology to allow patients to book GP appointments online and order repeat prescriptions.


Take part in our online questionnaire to help us understand how technology can improve your Health and Care. 


The questionnaire aims to give us some insight into what barriers are faced when accessing online health and care services, and how as a health and care community we can develop online digital services to meet the needs of our diverse population.

Across Nottinghamshire we're exploring the benefits of digital services & how these can support our populations needs. Dr Chitra Acharya has shared her experiences and explains how the use of online services would help her manage the health and care of her son.


Information Sharing