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Our Portfolio

The Connected Nottinghamshire programme is managing a portfolio
of projects, across four main areas:

  • Information sharing
  • Infrastructure
  • Citizen/patient access to information
  • Maximising the impact of technology (digital maturity)
    There are currently more than 150 projects either underway or planned for delivery in
    2016/17 across health and care providers in Nottinghamshire.
    Our work includes:
  • Developing systems that support Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA).
    This will support the complex needs of older people and people living with frailty.
    This system will make the links with other projects such as Transfer to Assess, Call
    for Care and developments in care home services
  • Deliver a new system to support end of life care, providing the information needed
    by NHS and care professionals working with patients and families in their own
    homes. This system supports national policy and standards for Deaths in Usual
    Place of Residence (DiUPR) and Preferred Place of Death (PPoD).
  • Build on the systems we have already introduced to improve health records
    sharing. This helps clinicians make more informed decisions when treating patients
    by giving them access to key medical information. It benefits patients by allowing
    them to visit any clinical setting. We have also extended the Out of Hours service
    by joining up GP surgeries as part of the Vanguard initiative.
  • Information to support patients with long-term conditions. The priority areas we are
    focusing on are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), glycaemic index
    (GI), diabetes, cancer and asthma.




Information Sharing